Ladybird Milestones | starting school

From 3 years children are beginning to understand more and more about what they are learning and experiencing in the world around them. They are becoming increasingly independent, love to be told stories and can identify with characters. They might be having new experiences, perhaps a sibling arriving or starting nursery. Reading reassuring stories with your child can help support them through these big childhood moments, particularly useful when starting school, perhaps one of the biggest days of your child's life. 

Almost every child is a bit nervous about starting school, it's a big step for them as well as you! Talk about school in a positive way, reassuring him that it is an exciting place with lots of things to do and friends to make. Try to visit the school before the big day, so it feels familiar and less daunting. Have some uniform trying-on sessions and pack his new school bag together so he knows where things are. There are lots of useful books and apps which are ideal for showing children what to expect on their big day. 

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