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Meet the characters from Charlie Changes Into a Chicken

Charlie Changes Into a Chicken is the first book in a side-splitting new series by Sam Copeland and illustrated by Sarah Horne. All about a nine-year-old boy who can’t stop changing into animals, it’s sure to have you squawking with laughter!

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Meet the characters

Charlie from Charlie Changes Into a Chicken


First up, we’ve got Charlie. He’s a very normal nine-year-old except that he changes into animals when he’s feeling anxious or stressed. Charlie tries to be an optimist but in reality, is a bit of a worrier. His older brother SmoothMove is not very well in hospital – which is really annoying as Charlie wants to prove he can beat him at FIFA. Charlie is due to be starring as Sad Potato Number 1 in the upcoming school play… Even though every kid wants a superhero power, Charlie isn't keen on turning into a pigeon in front of a big audience. With the help of his three best friends, Charlie needs to find a way of dealing with his new power – and fast!

Flora from Charlie Changes Into a Chicken



Then, there’s Flora. She’s easily the bravest of the four friends and has all sorts of crazy ideas for standing up to bullies. Basically, she’s a totally awesome and ice-cool genius. Mohsen and Wogan (you’ll meet them in a minute) are a bit scared of her – which is understandable seeing as she has a blue belt in karate. 

Mohsen from Charlie Changes Into a Chicken



Next up we have Mohsen. Mohsen and Charlie became best friends on their first day of reception. You can often find Mohsen wide-eyed in wonderment. He’s very kind and excellent at telling terrible jokes.

Wogan from Charlie Changes Into a Chicken



Wogan is Charlie’s other best friend. Wogan was actually meant to have been named Logan after Wolverine but his Dad got confused and named him after an old BBC presenter instead. He’s amazing at football and is a bit poo-obsessed. Wogan has accidentally been cast as the main star in the school play – as a big stalk of broccoli – and is dreading having to kiss Cara Cotton.

Dylan from Charlie Changes Into a Chicken



Finally (because he deserves to be right at the bottom), there’s Dylan. Full name: Dylan van der Gruyne. He’s the school bully, and really, really hates Charlie. Enjoys creeping and sneaking around and generally making life as difficult as possible for Charlie and his friends. Watch out for him.

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