Meet the Creakers

Stock up on marshmallows and pop on your head torch because you’re about to discover a mysterious (and rather smelly) world under your bed. Here’s the sneakiest of sneak peeks at some of the ‘creatures’ who live there, and an introduction to a little girl called Lucy Dungston who’s about to meet them too.

Picture of Lucy

Lucy Dungston

You see that awesome girl on the front cover in the dungarees? That’s Lucy Dungston, she’s the hero of this story - she just doesn’t know it yet! When all the grown-ups disappear Lucy’s the one who comes up with a plan to get them back. She’s smart, brave and maybe a little messy from time to time. She’s exactly who you need when the Creakers start making mischief. If you look closely, you’ll see she’s wearing goggles on her head – now, why could that be? 

A Picture of the Creakers
All illustrations © Shane Devries


Messiness: 68

Scariness: 52

Smelliness: 100

Icky-stickiness: 75

Guff is flubby, round and greedy - he is the chubbiest Creaker. He has matted, waxy hair that pokes out over his oversized ears and a belly like a small cannonball. Guff can’t resist rejected scraps of mouldy pizza and he can’t help the bottom burps that come with them! The most important thing to remember about Guff is that you will smell him before you see him.



Messiness: 31

Scariness: 89

Smelliness: 60

Icky-stickiness: 95

Grunt is the leader of the four gruesome Creakers. He has a dark layer of spikes on his back like uncut fingernails poking out in every direction and a rotten scowl that keeps the other greedy little monsters in check. You wouldn’t want to catch Grunt on a bad night!



Messiness: 84

Scariness: 74

Smelliness: 39

Icky-stickiness: 68

Scratch is the tallest Creaker of the bunch, although that’s not saying much. With long gangly arms covered in disgusting boils and spots, and a trailing mouldy coloured tail, Scratch is truly an interesting creature. His voice is like nails being scratched down a chalkboard - you’re bound to remember an encounter with Scratch.



Messiness: 20

Scariness: 34

Smelliness: 37

Icky-stickiness: 81


Despite being the smallest Creaker, Sniff definitely makes up for his size in icky-stickiness. His beady black eyes follow you around the room - although you’ll probably be distracted by his patches of flaking treacle-like skin and his horrid screeching voice.

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