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Dress up as a detective from Murder Most Unladylike

Have you always dreamed of being a real-life super sleuth? Then why not try this fun DIY costume and dress up as detectives Daisy or Hazel from Murder Most Unladylike, the crime-busting detective duo.

Puffin team
An image of a school uniform, Deepdean crest and magnifying glass on a bright yellow background

You will need:

•  A school uniform and tie

•  A magnifying glass

•  The Deepdean School crest, printed onto A4 paper

•  A Detective Society badge

Deepdean School crest

How to make it:

1.  Print out The Deepdean School crest on A4 paper.

2.  Cut and colour the crest to match the image above.

3.  Carefully stick a safety pin to the back and pin to your uniform.

Make sure you complete your look with a detective notebook, so you can record any clues you find!

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