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Host your own Murder Most Unladylike mystery event

A note from The Honourable Daisy Wells, President of the Wells & Wong Detective Society...

Murder Most Unladylike mystery event

Dear Detective,

You may well know me from my excellent detective work. Along with my vice-president Hazel Wong, I have already solved five murders - very cleverly, I might add. So I am in a perfect position to guide you through this murder mystery game.

In this pack you will find all the materials you need to work through the mystery – this script (expertly guided by me, Daisy Wells), profiles for each character, the crucial alibis and confessions for the main suspects and activity sheets for you to photocopy and share with participants for all their detective theories.

The only things you will need to provide are a fountain pen and pair of spectacles, both key clues in the murder. 

Good luck – I expect you’ll need it. I, of course, would not.

Happy detecting!

The Honourable Daisy Wells

How to play:

1. As party host, print out the Murder at Rivets and Gripps script and instructions and read through

2. Print out the character labels and profiles and distribute them to your guests

3. Hide the clues around your house or party venue

4. Print Detectives Notes sheets for all participants

5. Follow the instructions and play though rounds one to three

6. Solve the mystery and declare yourself a super-sleuth!

You will need:

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