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Paint your own Peter Rabbit-inspired Easter egg

Hop into spring with this fun bunny-themed egg painting tutorial, inspired by the classic Beatrix Potter story, The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

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Egg decorated as Peter Rabbit

You will need:   

•  An egg

•  Acrylic or poster paints

•  A paintbrush

•  A marker pen

•  Some card or thick paper

•  A marker pen 

•  Some glue

•  A tiny bit of cotton wool (optional)

•  Scissors

How to make: 

1. Place your egg in a pan of water, and boil until hard, for around about 10 minutes. Remove from the water and leave to cool, until cold to the touch (note: little ones should always do this with the help of a grown-up!)

2. Using a light blue colour, paint the bottom half of your egg. Once it’s dry, add some little gold buttons – make sure they’re bunny sized!

3. Paint the top half of your egg a pale brown tone, to match Peter’s fur. Leave to dry.

4. Cut out some long, rabbit-shaped ears from your card or thick paper (top tip: add a tab when you cut them out to make glueing easier!), and then paint them brown too, to match Peter’s body. Leave to dry, and then add some white tones on the inside for extra effect.

5. Using glue, gently add the ears to the top of Peter’s head. Careful now, you wouldn’t want him to break!  

6. Take your marker pen and add some eyes, a nose, and a mouth. Add some whiskers to bring your bunny to life.

7. Turn your egg around and glue a tiny piece of cotton wool to Peter’s bottom, for the final touch!

Now your Peter Rabbit Easter egg is complete. Make sure this mischievous little bunny doesn’t hop away from you when egg rolling!

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