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Make your own fun Peppa Pig ears and costume

Craft your own DIY Peppa Pig ears using this easy-to-follow template. It’s the perfect accessory for cheeky little piglets that love dressing up and going on adventures, just like Peppa. 

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Make Peppa Pig ears and costume

You will need:

•  An oversized red t-shirt

•  Pink tights

•  A pair of black plimsolls

•  Pink face paint

•  Pink pipe cleaners

•  Some elastic string

•  Two sheets of light coloured pink card

•  Two sheets of dark coloured pink card

•  A black marker pen

•  Scissors

•  A stapler

•  Some glue

Peppa ears template:

How to make it:

1. Cut out your ears using the template, and get your child to add the details.

Make Peppa Pig ears and costume
Make Peppa Pig ears and costume
Make Peppa Pig ears and costume

2. Attach the ears to the band using a stapler or glue, or whatever you have to hand at home.

Make Peppa Pig ears and costume

3. Then, carefully cut the sleeves off your t-shirt.

4. Attach the pipe cleaners to the back of the t-shirt for a cute piggy tail.

5. Now it’s time to get creative and paint a few rosy pink circles on your little piglet’s cheeks.

6. For a really authentic piggy outfit, cut out a section from an egg carton, paint it pink and then attach your elastic. Oink, you’ve got a perfect piggy nose!

Now your personal Peppa costume is complete, and there’s just enough time left to go and jump in some muddy puddles! 

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