Puffin Podcast: Mission Imagination, Episodes 4-7

Get ready for Mission Imagination – the new series of the Puffin Podcast. Each episode will whoosh you a way to a different magical world created by a fantastic Puffin author. Hosted by the hilarious Babatúndé Aléshé, alongside two young Puffineers, there’ll be a new adventure for each week of the summer holidays.

Puffin team
A blue image with the words 'Puffin Mission Imagination' in the centre in a bold multicoloured graphic text above an author photo of Greg James and Chris Smith
Author's Greg James and Chris Smith and artwork from The Great Dream Robbery

Episode 4: Dreamland

In this episode, our trio speaks to Greg James and Chris Smith - the wonderful authors of The Great Dream Robbery. In this magical world of dreams, where anything is possible, there are parachuting cows, talking cats, and even spaghetti meatballs falling out of the sky. Absolutely anything goes here! But be careful, because if someone breaks that all-important rule, our dreamland can quickly turn into a nightmare!

Episode 5: Mysterium

In this week’s episode, our trio speaks with fantastic mystery author Robin Stevens - the brilliant brains behind the Murder Most Unladylike book series. Robin guides our adventurers to Mysterium - a mystical world where basset hounds help us sniff out clues, an abandoned pirate ship haunts the land, and a forest full of intrigue is waiting to be explored. But be careful because if one of our Puffineers breaks that all-important rule, Mysterium might just rear its ugly head!

Episode 6: Paradise Island

In this episode, our trio speaks to Nathan Bryon and Dapo Adeola, the fantastic author, and illustrator of Clean Up! The pair invite us to the beautiful Caribbean island of Jamaica, where white sandy beaches stretch out for miles, mango flavored popsicles grow on the palm trees and you can high-five every octopus you see. There's just one simple rule to avoid calm turning to chaos: we must not litter on the beach. Simple, right?

Episode 7: The Safe Space

In the final episode of this series, our trio speaks to Abigail Balfe, the fantastic author of A Different Sort of Normal. Abigail guides us through a series of imagination-metaverses one of which is Abigail’s which is called - The Safe Space. Expect soft furnishings, soft food to eat, and a quiet and relaxing space where you can relax and unwind. Abigail also guides us through to a world where ball pits and music play, as well as a jungle-themed nature spot. But be careful not to break that one very sacred rule, as the world might come crashing down.

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