Space Band by Tom Fletcher

George, Neila and Bash are the worst band on Earth. But what they lack in talent and confidence, they make up for in heart. Their school's Battle of the Bands contest is coming up but after being beamed up into space, they end up battling alien bands from all over the galaxy!

Tom Fletcher


I’m George. George Racket. I play bass guitar.

And this is Neila. She plays guitar.

This is Bash. He plays the drums.

And together we are…

The best band in the universe.

We never meant to become intergalactic rock stars, or to save the world from being pulverized by evil aliens using only the power of music. It just sort of... happened.

We weren’t always super-awesome, guitarshredding, drum-soloing music legends either.

In fact, before we were unexpectedly beamed up into outer space, we were actually pretty awful. And I don’t mean just a bad band.


I’m serious. Our own parents couldn’t even pretend to like the noises that leaked out of our garage – the place where we rehearsed every day after school. And parents are supposed to like everything their kids do!

We were so bad that our neighbours moved house. And our neighbours’ neighbours. And even their neighbours too!

I bet you’re thinking, How did the worst band in the world become the best band in the universe?

I guess it all began on the day I started writing my own songs and decided to put them all down in a book.

This book, in fact. The book you’re about to read.

So turn the volume up to infinity, and get ready to rock ’n’ roll out of this solar system.

It’s time for lift-off !


Welcome to the book that’s going to change my life.

That’s right. This is THE book. The book that’s going to turn me, George Racket, from the ordinary, slightly-shorter-than-average ten-year-old into a super-awesome international ROCK STAR!

OK, I know on the outside this book looks like a normal school exercise book... and it kind of is. (I ‘borrowed’ it from the classroom supply cupboard.) But that’s just a clever disguise.

It will be on these very pages, where boring equations and snore-fest theories would normally be written, that I shall write my masterpiece of musical awesomeness!

THIS – my first-ever songbook!

No, hang on. Songbook sounds a bit rubbish.

My first-ever music book?


Wait. I’ve got it...

My book of rock!

To be honest, I’m not quite sure how to write songs yet, but my music idol, rock-legend Max Riff, lead singer of the Comets, once said:

Live. Write. Rock! If that worked for Max Riff, it can work for George Racket! So I’ve decided I should start writing down everything that happens to me.

That’s right. EVERYTHING.

Starting now!

OK, let’s see... I’m in the most BORING lesson at Greyville School: Mr Lloyd’s science class. He’s got his usual white lab coat on and his hair looks like a science experiment itself.

I don’t think he really needs to wear a lab coat in class. It’d be a bit like our history teacher, Mr Bygone, dressing like Henry VIII. Or our maths teacher, Mrs Spearing, dressing like a calculator. Or Ms Feather, our art teacher, dressing like a pencil.

Mr Lloyd is writing something on the board. Something about space – but no one is listening, because there’s something WAY more interesting going on.

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