The Scheme, Penguin Random House UK’s entry-level recruitment programme, is now open for applications

The Scheme

The Scheme, Penguin Random House UK’s entry-level recruitment programme, is opening for applications today with a focus on finding the book publicists of the future.

Four successful candidates will join Penguin Random House in September 2017 on a fully-paid traineeship lasting 13 months. During this time, the successful candidates will complete placements in publicity departments within two of our nine publishing houses.

Applications are open to all, regardless of professional experience or qualifications and candidates will not be asked to provide CVs. Instead, exploring the theme ‘How far can you make a story travel?’ applicants will be asked to answer three questions designed to test seven core qualities required by publicists today, including ambition, curiosity and a passion for our purpose.

Director of Publicity at Cornerstone, Charlotte Bush, said: “Publicity is one of the most dynamic, exciting and varied areas of the book industry – we’re there from the very start when book ideas are raised and work closely with authors through to publication and beyond.  We will do whatever it takes to get our books noticed, whether that’s building buzz online, placing features in print or online, setting up TV and radio interviews or spreading the word through events.  A publicist is at the heart of the publishing team and no two days are ever the same!  For The Scheme, we’re looking at your potential, so it really is about what you could do in the future, not what you have already done.”

The Scheme is just one of the ways Penguin Random House is working to make publishing more inclusive, by removing perceived barriers to entry and reaching out to people who may not have considered book publishing as a potential career before.

The Scheme has attracted 2100 applicants since its launch in 2015. In 2016, the programme focused on finding the editors of the future, and saw an A-Level student, a forensic psychologist, a technologist and an English teacher join Penguin Random House.

In 2016, Rosanna Forte said of her experience on The Scheme: “The application process was completely transparent, which is so refreshing in an industry which can seem like something of a closed door. And the tasks were so much fun - creative and challenging in the best possible way. I felt I was really being pushed to develop my ideas concretely and to think in all sorts of new directions. I’m so glad I saw that Facebook advert!”

While June Eric-Udorie added: “If I’m honest, I was always worried because of my age, but I was so supported by the dream team that is Penguin Random House’s HR department. They were also incredibly accommodating of my disability and I never once felt isolated. It felt more than a recruitment process - it felt more like a journey where I really found my interests and challenged myself.”

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