Constance Heaven

The Fire Still Burns
  • The Fire Still Burns

  • Leading a demonstration for the starving children of the Rhondda, Luke Llewellyn Jones is literally swept off his feet by the daughter of a Russian princess. For it is Tanya who first hits, then carries him in her car to her father's hospital.
    It it something of an eye-opener for Luke to be invited to the Cambridgeshire home of Lord Aylsham, and to meet his delightful and unconventional family who chatter as easily in Russian as English. And all too easy to fall for the lovely and impetuous girl who still insists it was him that ran into her.
    But Luke's dream of winning Tanya for his own is broken the moment she meets the charming but enigmatic Dirk von Richter. She leaves England to live in a Europe trembling on the brink of war. And it is in very different and dangerous circumstances that Luke risks all to see her again - among the bleak and far-flung mountains of Siberia.

Constance Heaven is author of several books, including The Raging Fire, Larksghyll, Lord of Ravensley, The Fires of Glenlochy and The House of Kuragin.