Kurt Vonnegut
Kurt Vonnegut

Kurt Vonnegut

Slaughterhouse Five and Other Writings
  • Slaughterhouse Five and Other Writings

  • A BBC radio production of Kurt Vonnegut’s most famous novel, Slaughterhouse 5, plus five short stories and a bonus documentary

    Kurt Vonnegut's career spanned over 50 years and 14 novels, including his great anti-war story Slaughterhouse 5. Celebrating the 50th year since its publication, this collection comprises a full-cast dramatisation of that acclaimed work along with some of Vonnegut’s shorter fiction, all featuring his unique blend of satire and mordant comedy. Also included is a fascinating radio profile of the author.

    Slaughterhouse 5
    Billy Pilgrim hops back and forth in time, reliving various moments in his real and fantasy lives as a prisoner of war, optometrist and alien abductee. Andrew Scott stars as Billy, with John Guerrasio as the Narrator and music by acclaimed post-rock band 65 Days of Static.

    Report on the Barnhouse Effect
    An abridged reading of Kurt Vonnegut’s first short story, about an academic who discovers how to control the forces of nature with his mind. Read by Stuart Milligan.

    The Euphio Question
    In this abridged sci-fi tale, a physicist discovers how to manufacture happiness – provoking moral and ethical dilemmas. Read by Stuart Milligan.

    Written in 1950, eleven years before the first manned rocket flight, this story of science versus spirituality features a pioneering astronaut who hears voices in outer space. Read by Kerry Shale.

    Next Door
    In Vonnegut’s sardonic cautionary tale, a well-intentioned act by a young boy who overhears the couple next door arguing unleashes chaos. Read by Kerry Shale.

    Unexpected Vonnegut: Who Am I This Time?
    A full-cast adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut's short story about a shy office worker who lives his life through the characters he plays as an amateur actor. Starring Lou Hirsch, Kerry Shale, Joanne Froggatt and Maureen Lipman.

    Omnibus: Kurt Vonnegut
    A look at Vonnegut’s life and work including readings and interviews, in which he talks about his experiences during World War II, writing Slaughterhouse 5 (and becoming a cult guru after its publication) and his thoughts on science fiction.

RELEASED 01/01/2098

Kurt Vonnegut was born in Indianapolis in 1922 and studied biochemistry at Cornell University. An army intelligence scout during the Second World War, he was captured by the Germans and witnessed the destruction of Dresden by Allied bombers, an experience which inspired his classic novel Slaughterhouse-Five. After the war he worked as a police reporter, an advertising copywriter and a public relations man for General Electric. His first novel Player Piano (1952) achieved underground success. Cat's Cradle (1963) was hailed by Graham Greene as 'one of the best novels of the year by one of the ablest living authors'. His eighth book, Slaughterhouse-Five was published in 1969 and was a literary and commercial success, and was made into a film in 1972. Vonnegut is the author of thirteen other novels, three collections of stories and five non-fiction books. Kurt Vonnegut died in 2007.