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Perfect Quality
  • Perfect Quality

  • The need for quality has never been greater. Advertising, corporate image, mission statements and league tables all place emphasis on quality. But there are numerous different approaches to quality, and many gurus show the way. Total Quality Management, SPC, QED, Zero Defects, Right First Theme, Katzen and ISO 9000 all address quality and any of these approaches can contribute towards it. It is generally accepted that for quality to be achieved everyone in the organization, from boardroom to shop floor, from council chamber to traffic warden, has to understand what quality means, be committed to it and be prepared to be involved in attaining it.

    Perfect Quality explores the meaning of quality for all organizations and provides practical guidance on how it can be achieved. It cuts through the jargon and philosophies and answers the Who, What, Why, When and How of quality.

    -What is Quality?
    -Why is Quality vital to survival?
    -Who is responsible for Quality?
    -How is Quality achieved?
    -When is Quality achieved?

    Dr Bryn Owen is an international quality expert and Executive of optimum Systems for Quality Ltd.

Now in his third career, Bryn Owen started work over 30 years ago as a Production Engineer. During the following 15 years he worked in the manufacturing industry in the UK and Nigeria. His posts included five years as Plant Manager of a domestic appliance factory and six years as Quality Manager in the automotive industry. Before becoming a full time consultant in 1986 he was the Head of Computer Aided Engineering at Salford University College. There he was responsible for the development and presentation of courses in the field of Quality. Bryn has written two books on achieving ISO 9000 registration. The first of these books describes in everyday language the findings of his research for which he was awarded a PhD in 1991. This work involved the development of a model to simplify the design of the Optimum quality system. Workshops based on his work have been run in the USA, Europe, the Middle East and the Far East. Bryn believes that education and training must be life-long, for the individual, employer and society. He actively encourages others to develop themselves and their staff through his work as an Open University Tutor and a non-executive Director of his local Training and Enterprise Council. Bryn Owen is currently Chief Executive of Optimum Systems for Quality, a firm of quality consultants who have worked with many clients to improve their quality.