Keith Cory-Jones

War Dogs
  • War Dogs

  • Equally courageous, equally deadly, the British mercenaries in Bosnia have a story to tell as amazing as 'The One That Got Away', but a story without official blessing. 'War Dogs' follows the fortunes of a gang of eight British mercenaries, a mixed bunch, old and cynical, young and naive, mean and psychotic, two idealists, and the rest just in it for the money. Each of these rogue warriors has his own special skills, strengths and weaknesses, and are all tested in an increasingly terrifying and desperate series of engagements with the enemy. Both sides fight dirty; this is an insider's account of the war in Bosnia that goes far beyond what we read in the newspapers. Not all of them make it back to Britain; one boy with no military experience has told his mother he is working in Eurodisney, and she only finds out the truth when he comes back in a box.

Keith Cory-Jones was born in 1940 in Bristol, where he still lives. His career to date has included such diverse activities as sales and marketing, antique dealing, exhibition promoting, military equipment distribution and a lengthy spell as a photographer, before settling for writing as a full-time occupation. This book was completed despite intricate communication problems with country-hopping mercenaries who phone him in the dead of the night with mortars playing in the background, and the unwelcome interruptions from Kelly, his boxer dog who strongly objected to her walk periods being delayed.