Susannah Bates

Under a Sapphire Sky
  • Under a Sapphire Sky

  • Susannah Bates

    Talented Marianne and gregarious Gabby have been friends since college. It feels natural to go into business together, selling Marianne's unique jewelry designs, and their family ties become closer when Marianne falls in love with charismatic stone-dealer, Jay, Gaby's half-brother. But as their company takes off, Gabby's contribution becomes more questionable, and while she remains single, troubled and fragile, Marianne is blossoming at work and in her private life and she is expecting Jay's baby.

    Then her ex-boyfriend Paul walks back into her life in search of an engagement ring for his homely new fiancée and sets off a train of events none of them could have imagined. Marianne discovers to her cost that, like the beautiful stones she works with, relationships too can hold fatal hidden flaws and there are unexpected fault-lines in her world. In the tropical heat of southern Sri Lanka, she begins to see that the finest quality often lies buried in unlikely places, and to realize that someone she once easily dismissed might be the only person who can save her...

Susannah Bates was born in Suffolk in 1970. While reading English at Durham University, she co-wrote her first play, Smoke, for the Edinburgh Fringe, where it was nominated for the Guardian Student Theatre Award. She then went on to study law in London and qualified as a solicitor in 1997. She practised law in the City until she gave up to become a full-time writer. Her first novel, Charmed Lives, was published in 2001 and selected for the WHSmith Fresh Talent promotion. She is also the author of All About Laura and Honor & Evie. She is married with a young son and lives in London.