Maureen Martella

Annie's New Life
  • Annie's New Life

  • After thirty years of being Annie McHugh, Annie discovers that she is, in fact, someone else. Her beloved and hugely respectable parents forged her birth certificate.

    She hires Gerry, a private detective with a strong look of George Clooney, to trace down her real mother. But how is it that when Annie goes to confront her mother in her large mansion in the smart end of Dublin, she ends up working for her instead?

    Will Annie reveal the truth to her frosty new employer? Is this the beginning of Annie's new life? And has Annie completely finished with Gerry's services?

    Annie has some decisions to make...

Maureen Martella was brought up in Co. Dublin with five sisters and a brother. Having moved to England in the sixties, fallen in love with an Italian and returned home to Ireland five months pregnant, she continued to travel after having her children, ending up in Bel Air where she worked as an assistant to a mortician. She is also the author of Maddy Goes to Hollywood and Annie's New Life and lives in rural Ireland.