Josephine Fairley

The Story of Green & Black's
  • The Story of Green & Black's

  • Green & Black's is one of the best-known brands in the food world, fêted both for its quality and for its ethical credentials. Launched on a shoestring in 1991 by wholefood pioneer Craig Sams and his journalist wife Josephine Fairley, it is now an internationally renowned, award-winning brand and multi-million pound business. In this book the couple tell their story, relating early ups and downs, chronicling their work with cacao farmers in Belize and talking candidly about the challenges of running
    a successful ethical company in a cut-throat world. Both inspiring and entertaining, The Story of Green & Black's shows what is possible when you tear up the rule book and follow your instincts. (And your tastebuds ...)

Craig Sams has an impeccable history as a health food advocate. He founded Whole Earth Foods, starting with the UK's first macrobiotic restaurant, Seed, and moving on to launch a range of organic products. He was chairman of the Soil Association from 2001-8. Josephine Fairley is a former glossy magazine editor whose quest has always been to combine outer and inner beauty. Craig and Josephine founded Green & Black's together in 1991 and sold the company to Cadbury Schweppes in 2006. Craig remains president of the company and, among other things, he ensures the original principles of sustainability and organic production are being held. Craig and Josephine are now concentrating on new ventures that embody their passion for sustainable living and wellbeing; including Judges, an organic bakery and wholefood store in their home town of Hastings, East Sussex; The Wellington Centre, an integrated health clinic and Carbon Gold, a company that produces the soil improver biochar.