Jessica Adams

Single White E-Mail
  • Single White E-Mail

  • Saturday night is a nightmare when you're single. Saturday night is for couples and everyone knows it.

    Victoria 'Total Bloody Relationships Disaster' Shepworth is single and knows all about Saturday nights alone. A broken relationship with the guy she thought was 'the one' has led to a string of disastrous dates. Now she's fed-up with being on her own and is once again in search of the man of her dreams. But life begins to look decidedly more interesting when she becomes involved in an internet romance with glamorous Frenchman, Pierre Dubois. Little does she know he could be closer than she thinks...

Jessica Adams is an international Vogue and Cosmopolitan astrologer. She is also a team editor on the Girls' Night In series in aid of the children's charities War Child and No Strings. Her other novels include Single White E-Mail, I'm A Believer and Cool For Cats. Her latest novel, The Summer Psychic, is available now from Black Swan. Fore more information about Jessica Adams, visit her website at