Maggie Helwig

Between Mountains
  • Between Mountains

  • Maggie Helwig's stunning British debut is an extraordinary war novel, a poignant and gripping story about the ripples that carry on long after the fighting is over, and about two people kept apart by history, ethics and human frailty.

    Daniel is a war correspondent in Bosnia, a loner and a truthteller, up to a point, careless with everything except his sources. Lili is an interpreter, based in Paris, careful and meticulous. But when she finds herself working for the war crimes tribunal in The Hague, fails to declare her fragile relationship with Daniel.

    Between Mountains is a compelling novel of immediacy and power, about love and language, truth and lies, war crimes and the weight of history - with a vividly evoked and frighteningly real supporting cast of war criminals, lawyers, refugees and journalists.

Born in Liverpool, Maggie Helwig grew up in London and Kingston, Ontario, and now lives in Toronto. A writer and poet, she has worked as a music journalist, and an international human rights advocate, and travelled in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and elsewhere in Europe, as well as South America. She is married with one daughter.