Rebecca Horsfall

Dancing on Thorns
  • Dancing on Thorns

  • When Jonni Kendal comes to London to pursue her dream of becoming an actress, she's young, naive, full of courage and determined to excel. Just nineteen, she's desperate to escape the narrow, parochial life her parents have planned for her.

    Jean-Baptiste St. Michel is haunted by his father: the man who abandoned him as a child, the man he can hardly remember, the man he cannot forget. Driven by his determination to forge a life for himself outside of the shadow his father's famous name casts, he's ambitious, talented and dangerously attractive - but suspicious of emotional attachments.

    When Michel rescues Jonni one night and takes her home, there's an immediate attraction. Jonni finds herself embraced by an exciting new world she never suspected existed, and Michel, ever wary of commitment, finds himself growing used to her presence in his life. But before he can commit to any kind of future, he must release himself from his past ...

Rebecca Horsfall was born in London and grew up in the world of theatre and television. At fifteen, she began working in the West End as a dresser and stage-hand but then changed direction to do a degree in biology at London University. She worked for a few years at a pharmaceutical company before returning to her roots and the theatre. Research for DANCING ON THORNS took her into the dance world, where she toured working for the English National Ballet. She has also directed productions for several London fringe companies and has written a number of stage shows. She lives in Lincolnshire with her husband. Her website address is

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