William Diehl

Show Of Evil
  • Show Of Evil

  • When Linda Balfour, a young mother, is found butchered in small-town southern Illinois, a coded inscription stamped in blood on the back of her head brands her mutilated body. For Chief Prosecutor Martin Vail, the Bloody insignia drags up memories he'd like to forget - memories of Bishop Rushman, slashed and dismembered ten years ago by an altar boy, Aaron Stampler. But if Stampler is locked away, he cannot have murdered Linda. With his career - and his life - on the line, Vail needs answers fast before the killer signs someone else's life away.

William Diehl shot to fame with the publication and subsequent filming of his novel SHARKY'S MACHINE. Since then he has written several other bestsellers, including PRIMAL FEAR - also filmed to great acclaim. He and his wife live in Woodstock, Georgia.