Robert Edric

Mercury Falling
  • Mercury Falling

  • 'Shows once more Edric's unassuming yet remarkable talent for conjuring up the lives of his characters' The Sunday Times

    The Fens, 1954. Many people have lost everything. Others just want the chance to begin again. For Jimmy Devlin, it's a little of both . . .

    It has been another tough winter. The floods are worse than anyone can remember and Fenlands are alive with blackmarketeers, vagabonds and chancers, all trying to make their way.

    Forced from his home by bailiffs, Jimmy has nothing to his name and needs to make a fresh start. But desperate people have a knack of finding trouble and he is no exception. It doesn’t take long before he’s caught in the wrong business with the wrong people and on the wrong side of the law . . .

    With his keen eye and trademark candour, Robert Edric explores what a man is capable of doing when he has nothing to lose.

Robert Edric was born in 1956. In his writing career, he has been a winner of the 1985 James Tait Black Prize (for Winter Garden), a runner-up for the 1986 Guardian Fiction Prize (for A New Ice Age), a runner-up for the 2001 WH Smith Literary Award (for The Book of the Heathen), and in 2002, a Booker longlister (for Peacetime). After The Song Cycle Trilogy, his critically acclaimed series of crime novels set in Hull, Gathering the Water heralds his return to historical literary fiction and was also longlisted for the 2006 Booker Prize. His latest novel, The Kingdom of Ashes, is now available from Doubleday.