99 Maps to Save the Planet
  • 99 Maps to Save the Planet

  • 'Terrifying yet funny, surprising yet predictable, simple yet poignant' Chris Packham

    How much of the earth's surface has been concreted over? How much of our energy still comes from burning coal? How many trees would we have to plant to make our planet carbon-neutral? How much space do we need to satisfy all our energy needs through wind and solar power?

    The maps in this book are often shocking, sometimes amusing, and packed with essential information. Did you know that just 67 companies worldwide are responsible for 67 per cent of global greenhouse emissions? Or that keeping a horse has the same carbon footprint as a 23,500-kilometre road trip? Did you know how many countries use less energy than is consumed globally by downloading porn from the internet?

    Presenting a vast amount of scientific research and data in stunning, beautiful infographics, 99 Maps to Save the Planet provides us with instant snapshots of the destruction of our environment. At one glance, we can see the precarious state of our planet - but also realise how easy it would be to improve it

    Enlightening, a bit frightening, but definitely inspiring, 99 Maps to Save the Planet doesn't provide practical tips on how to save our planet: it just presents the facts. And the facts speak for themselves. Once we know them, what excuse do we have for failing to act?

The author is unknown. The original volume, which was brought to Ebury Press by six art and design students from the University of Northumberland (Newcastle Upon Tyne) appears to be an overdue library copy. The Time and Space Library - who apparently own the book - does not seem to be listed in the Yellow Pages.

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