Patrick Modiano

Catherine Certitude
  • Catherine Certitude

  • A classic French story from Nobel Prize-winner Patrick Modiano and celebrated illustrator Jean-Jacques Sempé.
    Beautifully illustrated, this is a love letter to Paris, ballet and childhood for fans of The Little Prince, Le Petit Nicholas and Madeline.

    Catherine lives with her gentle father, Georges Certitude, who runs a shipping business in Paris with a failed poet named Casterade. Father and daughter share the simple pleasures of daily life: sitting in the church square, walking to school, going to her ballet class every Thursday afternoon. But just why did Georges change his name to Certitude? What kind of trouble with the law did Casterade rescue him from? And why did Catherine's ballerina mother leave to return to New York?

PATRICK MODIANO was born in an outlying quarter of Paris in 1945. He published his first novel, La Place de l'Étoile, when he was 21, and has made a distinguished career as a novelist ever since, winning the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2014. He has won the Grand Prix du Roman de l'Académie Française and the Prix Goncourt. His fiction is haunted by the trauma of the German Occupation of France, and this subject also features in the screenplay of Lacombe Lucien which he wrote for the film director Louis Malle. JOANNA KILMARTIN is the translator and editor of Marcel Proust's Selected Letters: Volume Four, 1918-1922. She has been awarded the Scott-Moncrieff translation prize twice: in 1971 for Sunlight on Cold Water by Françoise Segan, and in 1974 for Bernadini's Terrace by Suzanne Prou.