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Technique Of Prediction
  • Technique Of Prediction

  • Ronald C Davison (1910-1985) was one of the pioneers of modern astrology. His knowledge of astrology was profound as there was virtually no aspect of it that he had not studied in depth. While his work was based in a scholarly tradition, he built upon classical knowledge to take astrology to new levels. It is no wonder that many of his writings continue to be recommended as set texts by astrological societies the world over.

    In The Technique of Prediction, Davison looks at using a system called Secondary or Arabian directions to determine astrological trends and predict future events. With its analysis of features such as transits, progressions and directions, this book is essential reading for the advanced astrologer, yet written with a clarity of thought and supported with carefully selected examples that will make it accessible to the novice.

Ronald C. Davison first started studying astrology in 1943. Within nine years he had become President of the Astrological Lodge of London, a position he held for twenty-five years. In 1959 he began his editorship of the quarterly journal Astrology, only giving up a year before his death. During this time he wrote dozens of editorials and other articles – many of which were published worldwide. His lecture tours in the USA during the 1970s became important events for the development of astrology in America. He died in 1985 but his written legacy will continue to enrich students for many years to come.

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