Laura C Stevenson

All The King's Horses
  • All The King's Horses


    Colin and Sarah can't bear the way their much-loved Grandpa seems to be slipping slowly away from them in his old age. Refusing to believe it, they decide instead that he has been stolen away and a changeling left in his place. In an attempt to find him again, they follow his path, step by step out of the land of mortals and into the Otherworld - the realm of the Faer Folk...

Laura Stevenson grew up in Michigan but 'home' to her was the Vermont farm that became her parents' summer place when she was five years old. After studying at the University of Michigan and at Yale, she became a historian and published articles and a book on Elizabethan literature and culture. Gradually escalating deafness, however, forced her to retreat to Vermont where she began to write fiction for her two daughters. Her children's books include HAPPILY AFTER ALL which appeared on several American prize lists including the Mark Twain Award and was translated into both Danish and German, and THE ISLAND AND THE RING, a fantasy novel published in the UK by Mammoth in l993. Laura and her husband, the poet F. D. Reeve, live in Vermont where she teaches at Marlboro College.