Buzan , Tony And Keene , Raymond

The Age Heresy
  • The Age Heresy

  • It is widely assumed that as we grow older there is a gradual decline in the way we use our brains. This book draws on acclaimed and proven scientific evidence to put forward a sensational brand-new theory which explodes the myth and shows that, with the right sort of mental and physical exercise, you can actually significantly improve your brain power as you get older. Drawing upon a wealth of fascinating facts and records, with studies of great geniuses such as Einstein and Goethe who improved with age, THE AGE HEARSY is packed with practical advice and guidance on how you can actively learn to enhance your memory, powers of creativity and concentration.

Tony Buzan, the creator of Mind Maps and the concept of mental literacy is an international lecturer and broadcaster and author of 20 bestsellers on the brain and learning. He also established The Brian Foundation which is the recognized arbiter for Mental World Records. Tony is head of the co-founder of the Mind Sports Olympiad. Raymond Keene OBE, international Chess Grandmaster, has written over 90 books specializing in mental combat and chess. He is Chess Correspondent of The Times and The Spectator. Raymond is co-founder of the Mind Sports Olympiad and has made numerous radio and television broadcasts in the UK and USA. He has an MA from Trinity College, Cambridge.