M Baylis

Stranger Than Fulham
  • Stranger Than Fulham

  • In an attempt to escape his bizarre family and stagnation up North, tv soap-addict Alistair Strange moves to Fulham where he lands a job editing for a vanity publisher. It is an odd kind of job, but he is used to oddness: his parents are strange, his elder brother is strange his name is strange... The behaviour of his lovely but troubled flat-mate Martha, however, is odder than anything that Alistair has encountered before. Can he rescue Martha? Can he find out what his family is hiding? And is life better than tv?

Matthew Baylis was born in Nottingham in 1971 and educated in Liverpool and Cambridge. After working as a literary agent, he went on to write storylines for BBC 1's 'EastEnders', and then to help the United Nations and British Council create the first pan-East African soap opera. He is the author of the novel The Last Ealing Comedy and has written for a number of newspapers, including the Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, Sunday Times, Daily Mail, Independent on Sunday and Evening Standard.