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  • "I asked you to write a story about love, not a story about crime!" he yelled, and I answered, "I'm sorry, but in my mind they've become inseparable."

    In the middle of the night, a man makes a phone call to his best friend. He needs help, he says - and the loan of a heavy-duty shovel. The story of Christian Lang is one of obsession both physical and emotional. A famous novelist and television chat-show host, Lang wants to keep his affair with the enchanting Sarita a secret, but she has her own reasons for keeping it quiet too. Lang finds himself caught up in a sinister love triangle with Sarita and her violent ex-husband. He knows that his life is in danger but so great is Lang's passion for his lover that he is unable to stay away.

    As Lang is drawn further into a spiral of lust, lies and violence his judgement becomes increasingly irrational. This is a compelling story about love, hatred and obsession and of how these can override the emotion of intense fear. Westö has produced a superbly crafted tale of the terrifying lengths to which a man will go to fuel his addiction to a woman.

Kjell West- was born in 1961 in Finland. Since his literary debut in 1986 he has published several collections of poetry, short stories and novels, won the prestigious Finlandia Prize and been longlisted for the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award. He is one of the leading Swedish-language authors in Finland today.

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