Phra Peter Pannapadipo

Little Angels
  • Little Angels

  • The real-life stories of the novice monks in Little Angels reflect the lives of many youths in rural Thailand who are trapped in the vicious cycle of poverty, broken homes, illiteracy and drug abuse. When all else fails, Buddhism becomes their last resort: providing them with physical shelter and spiritual refuge. It heals their childhood traumas and gives them a moral framework for living and a better outlook on life. Each individual story, heartrending as it may be, subtly shows what Phra Peter sees and hopes to show to others: the 'human face' of Thai Buddhism.

Peter Robinson became a Buddhist monk at the age of forty-five. As Phra Peter Pannapadipo, he founded the Students' Education Trust - a charity to help improvished students and novice monks continue their higher education. Monks cannot earn money or directly fundraise, so after ten years Phra Peter temporarily disrobed from the monkhood to establish SET as a Foundation in Thailand.

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