Stephen Bayley

How to Steal Fire
  • How to Steal Fire

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    ‘Promises to show readers how to think boldly and spark imaginative thought’ (FT)

    Creativity is a powerful force. It drives innovation, boosts our economy and enables us to fulfil our human potential. But what actually is creativity? Is it overrated? And where exactly do ideas come from in the first place?

    In this book, design gurus Stephen Bayley and Roger Mavity debunk the myths and common misconceptions that form our current thinking around this complex subject. In showing readers how to think boldly and remain undaunted by challenges, they examine the phenomenon from all sides: not only the creativity of invention and of imagination but also that of perception and of discovery, in order to reveal the truths we often overlook.

    Ultimately, How to Steal Fire will help you reclaim yourself from the anonymous dreariness of a data-driven culture and spark imaginative thought.

Stephen Bayley (Author) In the 1970s, Terence Conran plucked Stephen from the obscurity of provincial academe to do his good works. One result was The Boilerhouse Project, promoting design in London's V&A, which became the most successful gallery of the eighties. Another result was the influential Design Museum. Stephen has since become one of the world's best-known commentators on design and popular culture. Roger Mavity (Author) Roger first learnt about creativity as a director of the admired French Gold Abbott advertising agency, before founding his own ad agency, Mavity Gilmore Jaume, whose clients included Honda cars, Trans World Airways and Burberry. He was then CEO of Sir Terence Conran’s group of design-led businesses for several years, before starting a new career as a writer and photographer. His books include the global bestseller Life’s a Pitch, also co-authored with Stephen Bayley, and his photography has been exhibited in London, Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam.