Barbie Probert-Wright

  • Escape

  • Two sisters.
    One extraordinary true story.

    Germany, 1945. Trapped between advancing armies, stranded hundreds of miles from their mother, and with their father missing in action, sisters Barbie and Eva were confronted with an impossible choice.

    Should they stay and face invasion or risk their lives to find their mother?

    Together, they set out on a perilous three-hundred mile journey on foot across a country ravaged by war. Fuelled by courage and love, Eva and seven-year-old Barbie encounter incredible hardship, extraordinary bravery, and overwhelming generosity.

    Against all odds, they both survived.
    But neither sister came out of the journey unscathed . . .

    This is the powerful true story of their escape.

Barbie Probert-Wright (Author) Barbie was born in Germany in 1939. She moved to the UK in her early twenties as a student, married an Englishman, and has lived here ever since. Jean Ritchie (Author) Jean Ritchie is a successful ghostwriter. She has written, amongst others, the Sunday Times bestsellers How Could She? and Little Girl Lost with Barbie Probert-Wright. The Day the Angel Came is her first novel.