Carla Van Raay

God's Callgirl
  • God's Callgirl

  • Traumatised by a terrible event in her childhood, Carla van Raay entered a convent at the age of eighteen. Expecting to find understanding and inner peace amongst her fellow nuns, she instead became trapped in a web of cruel regulations that drove her to the brink of insanity. Finally released from her vows, she escaped back into the outside world even more damaged than she had been before.

    A hasty marriage and separation left Carla with a daughter to support. With few professional skills to rely on from her years as a nun, she turned to another age-old profession - prostitution. She worked as an escort to learn the ropes, then struck out on her own, setting up a massage service. God's Callgirl was born. At first she relished her new-found sexuality, but when eventually the darker side of the business began to assert itself, Carla was forced to confront the dark secrets of her past.

Carla van Raay was born into the Catholic south of Holland and emigrated to Melbourne, Australia with her family in 1950, when she was twelve. After an abusive childhood, she entered a convent at the age of eighteen. She finally left in 1969 when she was almost thirty-one. She married and had a daughter. When her marriage ended and she found herself alone and with a child to support, she turned to prostitution. Her bestselling memoir God's Callgirl is a heartfelt and gripping account of her life. Carla now lives in Perth, Western Australia where she continues to write.