Marie Phillips

Warhorses of Letters: Complete Series 1-3
  • Warhorses of Letters: Complete Series 1-3

  • Stephen Fry, Daniel Rigby and Tamsin Greig star in all three series of the poignant BBC Radio 4 comedy drama.

    Warhorses of Letters is the world's finest and best-loved equine, military, epistolary romance, comprising the newly-discovered love letters between two horses united by passion but cruelly divided by conflict.

    Set against the sweeping backdrop of the Napoleonic Wars, these twelve episodes introduce us to Copenhagen, the Duke of Wellington's frisky young racehorse, and his hero Marengo, the seasoned, famous and just-a-little-bit-short mount of Emperor Napoleon.

    From the early days of the Peninsular Campaign to the Battle of Waterloo and its aftermath, we follow our horse heroes as their romance blossoms, their fortunes fluctuate and uncertainty and jealousy put strains on their burgeoning relationship. Can they ever be truly together, or are they doomed to remain sundered by fate?

    Written by Robert Hudson and Marie Phillips, this moving, surreal comedy stars Stephen Fry as Marengo and Daniel Rigby as Copenhagen, with Tamsin Greig as the Narrator. Totally unique and utterly entertaining, it will appeal to all lovers of horses, history and humour. Duration: 2 hours 50 mins approx.

Robert Hudson is a British novelist and comedy writer. His novel The Kilburn Social Club, about a Premiership football club run on idealistic principles in an alternative version of modern London, was published by Vintage in 2009 and widely reviewed. Marie Phillips is a British writer. She is best known for her novel, Gods Behaving Badly, a comic fantasy concerning ancient Greek gods living in modern-day Hampstead. Her second novel, The Table of Less Valued Knights is a comic take on the world of King Arthur. It was published in the UK in 2014 and nominated for the 2015 Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction.