Anna Shepard

How green Are My Wellies?
  • How green Are My Wellies?

  • Anna Shepard

    Do you think 'turning green' means becoming dull? Anna Shepard doesn't. Part personal experience, part manual, How Green Are My Wellies? describes her efforts to live a life that is both fun and sparkly green. Month by month, she explores everything from avocado cleansers to guerrilla gardening to worm-racing in order to perfect the art of being green. Discover how to slim down your waste and throw a clothes-swap party; go in search of green love; and start dreaming of a green Christmas!
    Funny, heart-warming and charged with infectious enthusiasm, How Green Are My Wellies? demonstrates unequivocally that you can be green with style.

Anna Shepard is a writer for The Times, contributing features, interviews, book reviews and comment pieces. She wrote The Times Eco-Worrier column in the Saturday edition for four years. She has also written for the Guardian, the Telegraph, the New Statesman, Red magazine, Elle and Waitrose Food Illustrated and she regularly appears on TV and radio to discuss green issues, including BBC News 24, BBC Radio Wales and BBC FiveLive.