Second Life
  • Second Life

  • S J Watson

    She loves her husband.
    She’s obsessed by a stranger.

    She’s a devoted mother.
    She’s prepared to lose everything.

    She knows what she's doing.
    She’s out of control.

    She’s innocent.
    She’s guilty as sin.

    She’s living two lives.
    She might lose both.

S. J. Watson's first novel, Before I Go To Sleep, became a phenomenal international success. A bestseller around the world, it won the Crime Writers' Association Award for Best Debut Novel and the Galaxy National Book Award for Crime Thriller of the Year. The film of the book, starring Nicole Kidman, Colin Firth and Mark Strong, and directed by Rowan Joffe, was released in September 2014 and is now available on DVD. S. J. Watson was born in the Midlands and now lives in London.