Julie Lynn Evans

What About the Children?
  • What About the Children?

  • Foreword by Professor Peter Hill, Consultant Child Psychiatrist, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children

    More than 28 per cent of children in the UK are affected by the separation of their parents. Often they have to cope alone. Many adults tell themselves that children are resilient, while others feel they are hurting the people they love the most.In this book, Julie Lynn Evans will help you to do what she does professionally, by identifying with your children and providing powerful practical tools to overcome their problems.

    What About the Children?:
    * Advises on children of all ages from toddlers to teenagers
    * Helps carers, friends and relatives, as well as parents, to interpret a child's symptoms and reactions
    * Explains how a child's friendships, schooling and overall well-being are affected
    * Provides tips on how to really listen and take action when a child tries to communicate difficult feelings
    * Highlights advantages for children with single, separated or divorced parents

    With case studies to illustrate a whole range of symptoms, Julie Lynn Evans demonstrates the myriad ways in which children express their emotions under stress. From the 'dragon child' to the 'too-good child', her sensitive and calm voice will reassure you at a time when your own world is under great strain.

Julie Lynn Evans is one of the UK's foremost psychotherapists helping young people and their families in times of stress. She works with consultants from many hospitals, and helps troubled children in schools around the country. She has appeared on television programmes in Australia and the UK, and has written numerous articles on troubled childhood and adolescence. She is divorced and the mother of three children.

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