Abie Longstaff

The Fairytale Hairdresser and Red Riding Hood
  • The Fairytale Hairdresser and Red Riding Hood


    Kittie Lacey is the best hairdresser in all of Fairyland. . .

    A brave, stylish heroine for whom no tangle is too troublesome and no frizz too fearsome!

    . . . . . . .

    The Queen of Hearts is hosting a baking competition and Fairyland is buzzing with excitement! From Rapunzel to the Three Bears, absolutely everyone is busy baking tasty treats and Kittie is just as busy helping her clients look their best for the big event.

    Red Riding Hood knows her Granny is sure to win first prize - she makes the best cakes - but when Kittie and Red visit her cottage, Granny and her cakes are nowhere to be seen! And there is a mysterious paw-shaped footprint on the ground. A clue! Kittie and Red decide to investigate . . .

    Will they find out what happened to Granny and save the day before it's too late?

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Abie Longstaff is the eldest of six children and grew up in Australia, Hong Kong and France. She knows all about squabbling, chaos and bossing younger sisters around. So she logically began her career as a barrister. She started writing when her children were born. Her favourite childhood books were Hating Alison Ashley, A Little Princess, Maura's Angel and The Black Stallion and she sneakily reads them again sometimes. Abie lives in Hove with her family.

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