Rob Eastaway

Maths on the Go
  • Maths on the Go

  • 101 fun maths games and activities for parents to play with kids aged 4 to 14

    Need some help with addition? Play a game of Salute
    Having trouble with times tables? Try Times Table Donk
    Floundering with fractions? Get creative cutting up the toast with your kids at breakfast

    Busy mums or dads are crying out for quick and easy ways to help their children with primary school maths and beyond. Here are 101 simple tips, games and activities to make practising maths as engaging and enjoyable as possible, for you and your child. All can be incorporated into the everyday routine – at home and on the go – with minimal fuss and no expensive kit – helping children have fun with numbers. Indeed, most of the time they won’t even realise that maths is involved. Sneaky!

    Areas covered include, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, ratio and proportion, telling the time, estimation, measurement, geometry and shapes, with an emphasis on problem solving throughout.

Rob Eastaway is one of the UK's leading popularisers of maths and author of books including the best-selling Why Do Buses Come in Threes? and How Many Socks Make a Pair?. He gives maths talks across the UK to audiences of all ages, and is regularly to be heard on BBC Radio talking about the maths of everyday life. Mike Askew taught for several years in primary schools in London before moving to work in teacher education. He was Professor of Maths Education at King's College London and is now Professor of Maths Education at Melbourne University, Australia. Rob and Mike are the co-authors of the acclaimed Maths for Mums and Dads, Square Peg 2010.