Felix Economakis

Take Charge of Your Life with NLP
  • Take Charge of Your Life with NLP

  • Do you find yourself making the same mistakes or poor choices again and again?
    Do you feel that you could make more of your life and be more happy and fulfilled?

    In Take Charge of Your Life with NLP, master NLP practitioner Felix Economakis reveals how our subconscious minds control a startling amount of our behaviour - making us repeat unhealthy patterns, dwell on unnecessary worries and make the same bad choices again and again. This can cause a huge amount of mental conflict and unhappiness, as well as hold you back in life.

    This book provides simple and easy NLP techniques for breaking these negative behaviours by creating a better working relationship with your unconscious mind. You'll discover how to banish phobias and addictions, improve your self-esteem and motivation, feel happier and more fulfilled, and take charge of your life for good.

Felix Economakis is a highly experienced chartered psychologist, clinical hypnotherapist and master NLP practitioner, with his own private clinic in London. He is known to BBC3 viewers as the psychologist on The Panic Room and Freaky Eaters, where he used hypnotherapy and more traditional psychological approaches to cure people of their phobias and food problems. www.felixeconomakis.com