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Ed Reardon's Week: The Complete First Series
  • Ed Reardon's Week: The Complete First Series

  • Andrew Nickolds

    Ed Reardon (played by Christopher Douglas) is a failed writer, fare-dodger and master of the abusive email. Living with his cat in a one-bedroom flat, this bearded divorcee grumbles at a modern world seemingly run by 12-year-olds, while churning out books such as Jane Seymour’s Household Hints and Pet Peeves (to pay the bills) and trying to live off the royalties of his 1982 episode of Tenko (£17 per annum). We track Ed’s attempts to gain the literary success he feels is due in this painfully funny and extraordinarily clever sitcom. Written by Christopher Douglas and Andrew Nickolds, Ed Reardon’s Week includes marvellous supporting roles from Stephanie Cole, John Fortune and Sally Hawkins. Ed Reardon’s Week was voted Best Radio Programme by the Broadcasting Press Guild.

    3 CDs. 3 hrs.

Christopher Douglas is the author of Jardine, the biography of England test cricketer Andrew Jardine. With Andrew Nickolds, he is the co-creator of Ed Reardon, and stars in Ed Reardon’s Week. He also teamed up with Nigel Planer to create the character of ‘Nicholas Craig’, a classical actor who starred in the BBC Four series How to be Old with Nicholas Craig and whose autobiography I, An Actor, was published by Methuen in 2001. Andrew Nickolds’ radio credits include Loose Ends, Dave Podmore’s Cricket Night and (with Christopher Douglas) ten series of Ed Reardon’s Week. He is the author of numerous books, including Arthur Daley's Back to Basics, The Word of Pod and Cabinet Pudding. He writes a column as Ed Reardon for The Oldie, and one as Dave Podmore for the website Cricinfo.