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  • First came Plague, now comes Fire. The epic tale of the hunt for a serial killer threatening London’s rich and poor during the Great Fire of London. Perfect for fans of S J Parris and C J Sansom.

    Fires don’t start by themselves. They need someone to light them.

    As the Great Plague of London loosens its grip at last, Charles II’s court moves back to the city, the theatres reopen and a new year arrives.

    1666. It cannot be more terrible than the previous year, surely?

    But it can.

    What’s more it seems that a serial killer who stalked hand in hand with the Plague might not be dead after all. Together with actress Sarah Chalker, highwayman William Coke and thief-taker Pitman come together as one, determined to stop the brutal murder of London’s rich and poor once and for all.

    But another threat is on the way. It hasn’t rained in five months. London is a tinderbox – politically, sexually and religiously. The Great Fire of London is about to ignite. And the final confrontation between Coke, Pitman and Sarah Chalker and their murderous adversary will be decided against a background of apocalypse.

C.C. (Chris) Humphreys – born in Toronto, raised in London – is an actor, playwright, fight choreographer and novelist. ‘My first job out of school was as a motorcycle messenger, based in St Giles, where much of Plague takes place. A ghastly slum in 1665, thousands died horribly there in the Great Plague. I think many Londoners have a deep-buried memory of the devastating things that have happened to their city. Walking those streets again, it’s not hard to sense the bones just below the paving stones.’ Chris has written nine historical fiction novels including The French Executioner, the Jack Absolute Series, Vlad and Shakespeare’s Rebel. His latest, Plague, is a thriller set in London 1665. Fire will follow. He is translated into thirteen languages.

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