Katherine Jakeways

Where This Service Will Terminate
  • Where This Service Will Terminate

  • Rosie Cavaliero and Justin Edwards star in this romantic comedy about a couple who meet on a train

    ‘Had me gripped from the start … Just lovely’Miranda Sawyer, Observer

    Suzie’s never been to Cornwall before, but one day she finds herself on the Cornish Riviera Express, hurtling from Paddington to Penzance. She sits next to David and over the course of an eventful five-hour journey an intense relationship develops. But both she and David are married, so they don’t expect to see each other again.

    However, fifteen months later, out of the blue, David lands in Suzie’s life again. Another five months pass, and Suzie seeks David out, needing his help. Two years after their first meeting, David again turns up unexpectedly.

    They’ve both enjoyed escaping their middle-aged lives together. But now there’s no escape from reality; and it’s crunch time for Suzie and David. Should the duo make their love affair last?

    Written by acclaimed actress and comedian Katherine Jakeways, creator of the much-loved radio sitcom North by Northamptonshire, this funny, touching drama stars Rosie Cavaliero (Gentleman Jack) as Suzie and Justin Edwards (The Thick of It) as David.

Justin Edwards (Reader) Justin Edwards is a comedian and actor who came to fame as one of the Perrier Award-winning sketch trio The Consultants. He created the character of Jeremy Lion, a drunken children's entertainer, and has appeared in numerous TV shows including The Thick of It, Respectable and the new version of Are You Being Served? On radio, he and Ben Willbond co-wrote and co-starred in the hit sitcom Double Science. Among Justin Edwards' other radio credits are The News Quiz and In and Out of the Kitchen.