Max Dickins

My Groupon Adventure
  • My Groupon Adventure

  • In 2013, comedian Max Dickins wasn't sure of very much in life, but he did know one thing for certain: his life was excruciatingly and mind-numbingly boring. He was heartbroken and desperate to shake things up. That's when he found Groupon.

    What started as a gateway to some new experiences snowballed into a limitless Narnia of discounted possibility. His insatiable desire to try out new experiences was accompanied by only one rule: he wasn't allowed to turn anything down.

    Over the course of 18 months, Max did a new Groupon deal every week, charting his experiences along the way: he changed his name, became a Lord, moonlighted as a beekeeper, trekked with alpacas, underwent a colonic irrigation and ultrasound scan, and even convinced Groupon to sell a date with him on their site. They sold 1,000.

    From a deep rut, he emerged a better man, resuscitated by the oxygen of new experience. My Groupon Adventure is a hilarious and uplifting account of these experiences and what can happen when you inject a healthy dose of spontaneity into your life. It's a book about opening yourself – and sometimes parts of your body – up to new experiences, and ultimately choosing the life you want for yourself.

Max Dickins is an award-winning comedian and writer who has written for and performed on TV on both sides of the Atlantic. He started life as a radio presenter on Absolute Radio, where he was nominated for a prestigious Sony Radio Award. His comedy podcast 'Dregs', performed with comedian Mark Smith, was recently nominated for European Podcast of the Year. A stage version of My Groupon Adventure was a sell-out smash hit at the 2014 Edinburgh Festival.