Evie Grace

The Lace Maiden
  • The Lace Maiden

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    Deal, Kent. 1817. The heart of the British smuggling business.

    In Deal's narrow alleyways, amid the gloomy counting houses and muttering inns, Louisa, Winnie and Grace Lennicker live in a dangerous world of fishermen, sailors, and smugglers. When their father, a talented smuggler, is murdered by a rival gang over a few scraps of contraband, the sisters are forced to carve out a living from the ‘honourable trade’ of smuggling spirits, French lace, gold and jewellery. It's the only life they've ever known, and they're determined not to let it be taken away.

    Dodging revenue officers and fighting for business with cut-throat rivals, they water down brandy, cut tea with rose leaves, receive goods from ships wrecked on the treacherous Goodwin Sands a few miles off the coast, and even become involved with transferring prisoners of war and gold on the guinea boats to France.

    The stakes are high. Getting caught means imprisonment, transportation, or even the gallows. The smugglers' world is tight-knit, but there are people in Deal who would throw them to the wolves at the drop of a hat. It will take every drop of courage, wit, and luck the sisters can muster to reclaim the life stolen from them - and to gain justice for their murdered father.

RELEASED 09/01/2020

Evie Grace was born in Kent, and one of her earliest memories is of picking cherries with her grandfather who managed a fruit farm near Selling. Holidays spent with her family in the Kent countryside and daytrips to the seaside town of Margate, inspired her to write Hannah’s story. She loves reading about the Victorian era, and her research for The Seaside Angel included the history of using leeches in medicine and the invention of the bathing machine. Evie now lives in deepest, darkest Devon with her partner. She has a son and daughter.