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    'Face to Face is not just a brilliant introduction to one of the most exacting areas of modern medicine, it's a humbling glimpse of humans at their best.' Sunday Times

    Think how much of your identity and sense of self is vested in the face you see in the bathroom mirror every morning. Now imagine that face being so ravaged by cancer, an accident, a fall, a beating, a car crash or a gunshot wound that it is barely recognizable.

    Now imagine how it might feel if, after surgery, the person you remember, but had given up all hope of seeing again, is looking back at you from the mirror once more.

    Over the years, maxillofacial surgeon Jim McCaul has helped countless individuals make this journey. This extraordinary book follows the stories of some of these patients whom he has saved from terrible illness and life-changing injuries – and some he wasn’t able to. We follow the epic and complex surgical procedures his job requires him to perform daily, where the margin for error is to all intents and purposes zero.

    Face to Face takes us on a journey which includes the most high-tech and complex of microsurgical procedures as well as the facial reconstruction techniques pioneered during the First World War. But at its heart are the human stories of the patients for whom this treatment is often quite literally a matter of life and death.

Jim McCaul is Consultant Surgeon in Maxillofacial, Head and Neck Surgery at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow. He was appointed as Consultant Surgeon in Bradford Teaching Hospitals in West Yorkshire in 2006 and worked there for eight years before becoming Consultant Maxillofacial/Head and Neck Surgeon at the Royal Marsden Hospital, London, in April 2014. He is the author of 57 scientific papers though this is his first book for the general market. He lives in Scotland with his family.