Gracie Hart

A Mother's Ruin
  • A Mother's Ruin

  • Can she make a new life for herself?

    When Eve Reynolds, a barmaid at The Bluebell Inn, falls for the charms of dashing Sergeant Joseph Oates she finds herself in trouble. After falling pregnant, Joseph leaves Eve desperate and alone. Once her baby girl, Mary, is born she’s quickly dismissed from her job at the Bluebell and finds herself on the streets.

    Luckily, local prostitute Eliza comes to their rescue, finding them a room above The White Swan Inn and offering them a place to start again. But when Eliza introduces Eve to her love of gin, Mary loses her mother to the drink and is forced to fend for herself with the help of her new friend, street urchin Toby. When her mother tragically passes away, Mary vows to make something of herself. But can this orphan ever escape her humble beginnings?

    From the backstreets of Leeds to the newly built 'gin palace' pubs of the Victorian era, this is a gritty and heart-warming saga which will appeal to saga fans and gin drinkers alike.

RELEASED 23/07/2020

Gracie Hart was born in Leeds and raised on the family farm in the Yorkshire Dales. Though starting out as a glass engraver, and then raising her family, Gracie has now written several family sagas. Gracie and her husband still live in the Yorkshire Dales and they have two children and four grandchildren.