Jack Shenker

Now We Have Your Attention
  • Now We Have Your Attention

  • Now We Have Your Attention explains what is happening in British politics from a radically different perspective: the people’s.

    From a warehouse in Manchester to a pub in Essex, from the outskirts of Glasgow to a racecourse in Durham, award-winning reporter Jack Shenker uncovers the root causes of our current crisis and the future direction of British politics through the lives of normal – and extraordinary – residents of Britain. In offices and shops, basements and community centres, online and on the streets, he reveals something momentous: disillusionment with Westminster is fuelling a new and passionate engagement with politics of an entirely different sort.

    Shenker takes us deep into communities hollowed out by financialisation and austerity, traumatised by the death of industry and the ‘hostile environment’, crippled by precarious work and unaffordable housing, showing what these abstract forces mean in reality. He also introduces us to the citizens and leaders of tomorrow, moulded by these experiences, who are creating alternative means of representation, organisation and action in order to change things for themselves.

    From a ‘McStrike’ protest on a roundabout in Cambridge to a gathering of the London Renters’ Union in the aftermath of Grenfell; from hard-right bloggers in Newcastle to Extinction Rebellion protesters in Brighton, Shenker draws on exceptional access to campaign groups, activist movements and grassroots gatherings throughout the country – including unique access to Momentum, who have re-radicalised the Labour party from the outside in – to present the first full picture of Britain’s new politics: local, personal, effective and utterly fearless.

    As Westminster is mired in chaos and deadlock, their energies and convictions are galvanising a generation. Now We Have Your Attention describes nothing less than a revolutionary transformation in British politics. Inspiring and terrifying in equal measure, it uncovers a future that will shape us all.

RELEASED 19/09/2019

Jack Shenker is an award-winning reporter on radical politics and protest whose work has twice been shortlisted for the Orwell Prize. In his mid-twenties he was appointed Egypt correspondent for the Guardian for his coverage of the 2011 revolution and Arab Spring. This led to his first book, The Egyptians: A Radical Story (Allen Lane, 2016). His journalism has been translated into several languages and has covered Gaza, Africa, Central Asia and the United States, as well as Britain and Europe. As well as for the Guardian, he writes regularly for a wide range of publications, including Granta, the New York Times and London Review of Books. He is based in London.