A K Benjamin

The Case for Love
  • The Case for Love

  • An exhilarating, subversive and mind-bendingly original meta-medical-memoir from the author of Let Me Not Be Mad

    A woman with locked-in syndrome is accused of manipulating her nurses. A naked man discovered on a plane at Heathrow sounds like a dog when he speaks but doesn't realise it. A taxi driver with a screwdriver lodged in his brain has his entire identity re-constructed.

    Through three case studies of traumatic brain injury, clinical neuropsychologist A K Benjamin examines the uniquely intimate and deceptive nature of the clinical relationship. Ingenious, daring and perfectly formed, The Case for Love is a dazzlingly original drama about how doctors, like writers, inhabit their patients' minds, how every work of fiction is, beneath the surface, a form of memoir, and how every act of imagination is, in essence, an act of love.

A K Benjamin is a Clinical Neuropsychologist, specialising in diagnostics and acute rehab. Previously he was a screenwriter, spent two years as a contemplative monk and has worked at a number of NGOs, with homeless addicts, with gangs and with children with acquired and congenital neurological conditions. A K Benjamin is not his real name.

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