Charlene Allcott

More Than a Mum
  • More Than a Mum

  • What do you do when you want to be more than just a mum?

    A married working mother of two, Alison packs lunches, goes to work, makes dinner, deals with arguing daughters, goes to bed. She can't help but question what on earth has become of her life...

    Bored, restless and hungry for some excitement, when she meets the charismatic Frank she assumes he's what she's missing. But is Frank all he makes out to be? And what if Alison isn't quite as happy in her new, glamorous life as she thought she'd be?

    Praise for Charlene Allcott:

    'One of the freshest, funniest, most exciting new voices I've read for a long time.' Jane Fallon

    'Fresh and funny and REAL...' Veronica Henry

    'Very funny and delightfully relatable - this was a real treat.' Trisha Ashley

RELEASED 05/03/2020

Born and raised in London and now living in Brighton with her five-year-old son, Charlene Allcott works part-time with young people in a residential care home. She writes a parenting blog at MORE THAN A MUM is her second novel.